Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Taking stock

Alright, I have had a chance to calm down since yesterdays meltdown. I realize a few things:
  1. There is a use for Microsoft Vista after all - I was able to download my figures off the Journal of Paleontology website. When I tried it on my office computer (XP) it would not work, and only let me view them. So this is good. They are not lost. If all goes well I will have my final edits turned in tomorrow (complete with that measurement we talked about Andy!)
  2. Not all is lost on my hard drive. I was looking through my pile-o-disk and I actually DID back up my computer almost a year ago exactly. So less is lost than I feared. I will still be looking into all of your suggestions to get the computer up and running and I think all of you who have taken the time of offer suggestions and comfort. I really do appreciate it!! You have no idea!
  3. We are starting to get our reply cards back for the wedding! Wonderful to be hearing back from folks so soon! Please RSVP by July 1 if you have gotten your invitation in the mail already. We did forget to put that on there.
  4. I have lost weight since last year! (annual doctors appointment today)
  5. I am a very lucky girl! Today is my first year anniversary with John. And he surprised me with my favorite flowers (I never get flowers really), so it was a great surprise! I had been so obsessed with this paper and the meltdown that I had forgotten (bad me, bad me). I am so happy to have a guy that is as understanding as he is and who treats me so well :)
So, things could be far worse than they are.


Silver Fox said...

Smiling for you. :) :)

Garry Hayes said...

Congratulations. I can only barely perceive how exciting it must be to getting hitched as I watch my son do the same thing...in three weeks. Gonna be busy around here! Best of luck with your preparations and the big event itself. Oh, and good luck with the computer!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Thanks!! I still have 93 days to go, but my friend is getting married this weekend, so my nerves are on high alert.

Anonymous said...

How funny, gerbera daisys are Tiff's favorite flowers too!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

We both have good taste ;)