Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congrats Manger & Zach!!

This month Dr.s Walter Manger and Doy Zachry were surprised with a scholarship in each of their names! Dr. Manger and Zach were my advisor's when I was an undergrad at the University of Arkansas. They are truly wonderful teachers, and I learned so much from them! Some of my best memories are during my time spent as an undergrad at the U of AR geology program. I am very happy that these two scholarship could be given (fully endowed as well!) in their names! I only wish I could have been there to see the look on their faces, since the whole thing was a surprise and had been in the works for some time.

"The Walter Manger and Doy Zachry Scholarships will be awarded for the first time next year to students in the [University of Arkansas] geology program. Over eighty alumni have donated to the two funds thus far and more than twenty-five attended the banquet. Should you be interested in making a contribution, please contact either Teresa Center ( in the Department of Geosciences or Emily Smith ( in Fulbright College."
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