Sunday, May 4, 2008

Text cloud for two of my papers

I have totally ripped off this idea off from Brian over at Clastic Detritus. Check his text clouds out! Since I wrote this (I was delaying posting it, but I guess I'll stop), Chuck over at Lab Lemming and Maria of Green Gabbro have done the same, so on the band wagon I jump. These are based on recent works of mine that are in their final stages of the review process. This first one is a paper I will have in the Ceratopsid symposium book with Andy Farke.

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This one is based on my thesis work, which I have submitted to the Journal of Paleontology. Since it is still in review I have taken the liberty to remove a few words that might give away to much. Hopefully I can tell you more about this really soon! I am not playing the suck up game as far as any of my former committee members go, as I have deleted any and all references and citations from the list.

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Update: Since posting this 3 others have followed: Kim at a"All My Faults are Stress Related" (such a great title for a blog!), Chris over at "Highly Allochthonous," and Silver Fox over at "Looking for Detachment"...check them out! :)

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