Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am a huge fan of fonts! Anything that is different than the normal boring fonts, I love. Now there is finally a site, FontStruct, where you can easily make your own fonts, or snag cool ones others have made (if you have money, which, I do not). From the ReadyMade Blog:

"Want to create your own logo or spice up the header for your blog? Create a personalized font that suits the project perfectly with Fonstruct. The free font-building tool lets you construct custom fonts by arranging geometric shapes inside a grid. The process is a little reminiscent of Tetris, but without the overwhelming feeling that sets in when the pieces start dropping at an impossibly rapid pace.

Once your creations are complete, they’re ready for any Mac or Windows application and can be proudly displayed via widget on your blog. Of course, if Times New Romanis about all you can handle, check out the site’s gallery, where other users’ “Fontstructions”—which carry such names as Structurosa and IronManic—will rock your pre-installed world."

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