Monday, May 19, 2008

Jurassic Joe and the Cretaceous Crew

Check this site out (thanks for JH for pointing this out) If you live in Australia Jurassic Joe will even visit your school:

Jurassic Joe and the Cretaceous Crew present a collection of songs for children of all ages, in a variety of musical styles. Singalong, dance, count, laugh and learn to the mesozoic sounds of DANGER DANGER DINOSAUR (listen to the MP3 here - really, you should listen to it, seriously)

Danger Danger Velociraptor

Danger Danger Velociraptor
Danger Danger They’ve got the sharp claw
Danger Danger Velociraptor
Danger Danger Rrrraaah!

Look out baby protoceratops
Something moving there behind the rocks
Something in the bushes and the trees
Something hiding there behind the leaves.

Danger Danger Velociraptor…

Back one hundred million years ago
Something had a very dangerous toe
I’m so glad that it’s not here today
I’m so glad that we don’t have to say,

Danger Danger Velociraptor…

Picture from their site

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice plug of my site. I would do American shows too if it was a whole tour but I have yet to get that organised. This is a great site. My dino obsessed son and I love reading and keeping up with the latest. It's a great thing to know the dino thing is all around the world.
Jurassic Joe