Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off to the Badlands I go

This week and all of next I will be out in northwestern Nebraska doing fieldwork! During the summer, the Geology Department at Augustana College (where I currently work as a Paleontology Research Assistant - for a few more weeks at least) offers a 3-credit course entitled "Fossil Mammals of the Badlands." This 2-week course travels to the White River Badlands of South Dakota and Nebraska to learn about the paleontology and geology of the area. The group camps on Shalimar Ranch, outside of Harrison, Nebraska, and collects fossils on privately owned land. This trip has become a tradition, with the first trip in 1982. This will be my third trip and we have quite a big group this year. I am looking forward to getting out and doing some field work, enjoying the sun (hopefully!) and peace that comes from being in the field. Its always a good way to transition into summer and get my blood flowing again after the long winter. I am looking forward to the camp fires and dusty days of hiking.

This is the beginning of my my gypsy stage. I am moving out of my apartment in the morning, Kelty will be staying in Rock Island while I am in Nebraska, and when I return (the 6th) I will work my last week at Augustana (living out of the car) before heading to Colorado on the 12th! I will be living in western Colorado for good now, no going back to Rock Island. Its going to be a busy few weeks! Hope all of you have a good few weeks. I'll be sure to post some nice field pictures for you all when I get back, but for now you will have to enjoy these from past years ;)