Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stat Counter

I recently added a stat counter to my page so I can see who all comes by and what kind of traffic I am getting here. Not so much to spy on you, just out of curiosity to see if anyone ever comes by. I was very surprised to see that I had 91 unique visitors here yesterday! I would like to thank those of you who come by for reading and for your interest! I see that many of you find your way here via other blogs, which is cool, I appreciate their linkage.

A few quick shout-outs:

Hi Tom ;) Thanks for coming by!!

Thanks to the person from Roosevelt, Utah! You come by often, I appreciate it. (Hi Dan)

Todays international readers from
Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Alberta, Brazil, Portugal, Ottawa, Hungary, Ontario, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Australia!

Hello National Park Service people! Thanks for reading! Hope you find a few of the stories here interesting. Please help!

USGS person in Colorado - Hi! ;)

Please, feel free to leave some comments and say hello. Introduce yourself! I appreciate your interest!!



Anonymous said...


Sternberg Museum, Fort Hays State University said...

Hey man, stalking's just an informal way of getting to know somebody...

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

This is very true ;)

Do I hear Sting singing "I'll be watching you" in the background.....