Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guess what, I have opinions, and you do not have to like them.

I should not be afraid and have to look over my shoulder. I should no have to fear retaliation for standing up for what I believe in. I should be able to voice my opinions, because that is what they are - my opinions. If you do not like them, too bad. You do not have to read my blog. If you like them, great. Glad to hear it.

I am not here to please anyone other than myself. This is solely an outlet for me to have fun, post what is on my mind, and bring things to others attention if I think it is worth while for people to know about. I should not have to hide in the dark or stick my head in the sand. I should not have to wonder when I am going to get a call telling to go get a lawyer. I should not have to wonder if the fact that I have opinions will ruin what little career I have. I should not have to fear those around me and their actions towards me should I happen to have an opinion that differs from the one they have.

I am a person too. I have opinions. You may not like them, but they are my own and I can have them. I do not appreciate having to moderate myself or constantly check to see who is watching me and what they are up to! The world is not a cohesive group of people who agree with each other. That is especially true for paleontologist. Deal with it. Just because someone does not like the actions that are being take does not mean they are wrong. As a tax payer and US citizen, I have the right to say whatever I damn please on my own blog as long as I am not liable anyone else. And I have not. I may not agree with you, but welcome to the good old US of A where I can say I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU! and not have to worry about you trying to bring me down because of that.

If you read my blog you are subject to my opinions.

Edit: I have had to take down my personal website also for the time being. I felt as though something that are somewhat private (such as my wedding plans for example) were being viewed by people who have no business looking at them. They were private (or so I thought, they are now, and only available to the invited parties). I am very fearful of retaliation from certain parties, hence my vagueness here. I apologize for my rantings, I just want this person to know how they are making me feel, and that it is wrong. I should not have to be afraid for voicing my opinions, whether they are about Aetogate, the Dinosaur National Monument job cuts, politics and the upcoming elections, or if I should eat turkey or ham for lunch, it should not matter. They are my opinions, and I am allowed to have them. Younger members of a profession should not be made fearful for voicing their opinions because a senior member of that profession does not agree with them.

Edit edit: Oddly enough, this person is STILL trying to access my website, googling the heck out of things like "dinochick" ect.... Whats the big freakin deal buddy!! Are you afraid I have created a club for all of those that do not agree with you to hang out on. Maybe I am not the one who is overly paranoid here.......



Anonymous said...

Wow...what the heck was this in response to...?!?

Ron Schott said...

Help us help you, ReBecca. Give us some background, please.

Mel said...

Sorry to hear you are getting some inapprppriate "feedback" on your websites. I love reading your posts and agree you have every right to your own opinion. I hope whatever is wrong is cleared up soon and that it doesn't cause you a lot of stress. The wedding is enough stress! Let us know if there is anything we can do.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Thanks everyone, I do appreciate it. I am sorry I can't go onto more detail, but I had to get it off my chest.
Thanks again!

Garry Hayes said...

If I may add: "illegitimi non carborundum" ("Don't let the b*st*rds grind you down"). You've been doing some great work on your blog. Keep it up!