Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Geological Definition of the Day (#2)

For lack of anything better, here is the second installment; bear with me, the 'B' section was a bit on the boring side. Feel free to send me any suggestions you may have!

blastopsammitic (blas'-to-psam-mit'-ic) Said of the texture of a metamorphosed sandstone that contains relicts of the parent rock. (page 58)

"The quartzite shows granoblastic and blastopsammitic texture, with grain sizes varying from coarse sand to very fine pebble and with minor microcrystals of sericite, fuchsite, andalusite and iron oxide, besides detrital tourmaline, rutile, and zircon." [link]

From Bates, R.L. and J.A. Jackson. 1984. Dictionary of Geologic Terms. American Geological Institute.

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