Friday, March 28, 2008

Another example of outsourcing

Yet another example of our government outsourcing jobs to other this video from CNN (short commercial before it starts) that tells about how our passports are being made partially in Singapore, Taipei, and Thailand, because, supposedly, they are the only ones with the technology to do it...We want to make it harder for terrorist to fake our passports, yet they send them to forgiven manufactures to make them. Brilliant! They are then transported back to the US in armored vehicles, because, common, those are never robbed ! Even Jay Leno made a crack about it Wednesday night:

"The White House is now outsourcing our passports overseas. Foreign companies are making our passports. See, this is smart thinking. Now, when we deport illegals, they can go home, make their own passports, and come back."

And again Thursday night:

"The White House is now outsourcing the manufacturing of our passports overseas. See, this is how a global economy works. See, when an illegal immigrant from Mexico living in LA and working in a Japanese-owned company wants to go home to visit his relatives, he uses a passport made in Thailand that he gets by calling a customer service number in India. You see how it works? This could be the thing that makes Lou Dobbs’ head explode."

How far off are we from having to call someone in Hong Kong to find out if a camp ground is full in one of our favorite National Parks? Or if you need a BLM or Forest Service permit filled and you have to call someone in India just to be transfered to the person in Denver you want to speak with in the first place. Just wait till they figure out a way to outsource all paleo/geo work to subcontractors in Turkmenistan, then they will not need any of us! Yea for CORE operations!

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