Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Think, McFly. Think!

Mickey Rowe (co-owner of the Dinosaur Mailing List) encourages you to continue thinking about Aetogate and to contact New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (don't let it fade away, although we do eagerly await the results of the SVP Ethics Committee). I truly do not think that Bill Parker and Jeff Martz are trying to raise a stink over nothing. They are honest guys with nothing to gain from this. I think what it boils down to is that they never want to see anyone worry about being scooped or have to fear for the safety of their research ever again. And, really, that is not too much to ask. No one should ever have to fear for their research or retaliation from their scientific elders or peers (even if it is for disagreeing over Aetogate or any other issues). In fact, it is noble that they have put their necks and careers on the line to stand up to what they perceive to be an injustice. If you do not know about Aetogate you can catch up here and here. If you are interested in writing to the governor you can find a sample letter here.

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