Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting them early

I'll admit that I am an internet junky. I have often wondered what adults did before the internet, other than talk to each other and read books ;) I know I am in a generation of people who are pretty connected to technology, if they want to be. The oldest person I know on Facebook is my mom and another person her age. But they are never on there (maybe once every two or three months). Same with Myspace. But being on the internet when your older if different than being on the internet when you are, say, three! So how old is to old to start letting your kids be online?

It seems like toy marketing people have figured out how to suck kids in to the internet world even earlier. I had never heard of such a thing as a stuffed animal that comes with a code for the internet where, once entered, it comes "alive" until my friend tried to explaine what one was to me around Christmas. I just sort of discarded the information, but recently stumbled upon an article that tells me more. They are called "Webkinz" and
"...Each bear or tiger comes with its own code, which its kid companion/caretaker enters into the Web site. Next, the kid decorates his pet's house by earning points in inane game-playing followed by even more inane shopping." [link]

It sounds like Facebook crack for a three year old! So, would you let your kid have one of these? Of is it to much to ask that kids play with normal stuffed animals and use their imaginations. Heaven forbid we take away their personal DVD players and make them look out a window on car rides! Sure, I am obviously not a parent, and I'll be the first to admit I do not know anything about kids. But has that much changed in the past 25-30 years?

I'm off to read a book and use my imagination now.....

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Silver Fox said...

Well, maybe - hopefully - it will be just a fad. It sounds awfully involved for the parents of the younger children (I don't think I'd want to "make money" for them to go shopping!).