Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random stories

Here are some random news storied from this week:

Truck with 50,000 pounds of ribs catches fire in Illinois

Now this is my kind of accident to come up on! I hope they had some BBQ sauce with them! "Twenty-five tons of beef ribs went up in smoke overnight after the truck in which they were transported caught fire south of Chicago. Illinois State Police Master Sgt. David Bird says the blaze was ignited in the semitrailer's breaking system early this morning. It spread and consumed the entire trailer, turning the 50,000-pound meaty load into a massive barbecue alongside the interstate. The truck's driver wasn't injured."


Two Ann Arbor Girl Scouts cut out the cookies as part of palm oil protest

Good for them for standing up for something they believe in! "Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, both 12, started doing research last fall on endangered orangutans in Indonesia as part of their Bronze Award project. They discovered that the habitat of orangutans is being threatened by conversion of the land to the production of palm oil, which is an ingredient in Girl Scout cookies...."


Testicle bill dangles over Fla. legislators - Ban on trendy replicas on trucks: Good policy or anti-freedom?

I hate these things, it would be nice to see them gone! Glad to hear other states are looking to ban them as well. They are so stupid that I do not even want to post a picture of them here, but I am sure if you Google it you can find some. "They're proudly displayed by any self-respecting bull, but dangling big metal ones on the back end of a truck could be banned in Florida. Metal replicas of bull testicles have become trendy bumper ornaments in some parts of the Sunshine State, but state Sen. Carey Baker is campaigning to ban the orbs...."

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