Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love your Rock Hammer

I missed this story while I was internet-less at GSA this past week. I knew there were multiple uses for Rock Hammers, I just never thought of this one. I personally always keep mine in the Blazer with me, so I do not forget it and "just in case" something comes up. I guess I can add this to the list:

"Rabid bobcat!'' Thompson, a geologist, shouted to Mangin, a 54-year-old marine biologist. "Watch out!''

The next 10 minutes, the couple fought off the bobcat before Thompson pinned it to the ground with a stick and killed it with a hammer from his backpack.

Tests later determined the animal was rabid.

"It wasn't hard to figure out that there was no choice but to fight it to the death because it was so persistent," he said. "It's very sad. This poor kitty cat was deranged by its disease-riddled brain. I love the native cats. It was terrible to have to kill it."...

"I knew immediately it was a rabid bobcat and we were in trouble," Thompson said.

How did he know?

"I have no idea,'' he said. "But it was totally obvious to me."

While there was no frothing at the mouth, the cat's behavior was odd, Thompson said. It was not afraid of the hikers.

They tried to get away from the bobcat, but it pursued them. It lunged at Mangin, climbing up her legs and wrapping its body around her, clawing and biting.

"It just jumped on me and sunk its teeth in my calf," she said. "It seemed unreal. I grabbed it off of my leg and threw it. It jumped back on me. I was screaming and gasping. I was so terrified."
Thompson used his backpack to knock the cat off his wife. He hollered for her to take the dogs, which stood by during the attack.

Mangin and the pets ran up a hill, with the cat in pursuit. Thompson got between the cat and his wife, and it jumped on his back.

"I hit it with the backpack over my shoulder," he said. The cat fell to the dirt and lunged again.

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