Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things to listen to: Junior & Podclast

I just wanted to remind everyone that John's radio show "Switching Gears w/ Junior" is on tonight (Wednesday, April 16) from 9-12pm Mountain time. The show will be on for three Wednesdays in a row (making up for lost time, John has been traveling alot). It is not available as a podcast unfortunately, so you have to listen to it live. It is a nice way to tune out the world and just relax. I know I have some manuscript revisions I plan on working on tonight while I listen! You can check it out tonight (streaming radio) on the stations website at

If you are on Facebook, you can join the Switching Gears w/ Junior group! See you there!

Second: I know this has been posted elsewhere already, but just in case you missed it....

Episode 1 of the PodClast is now available! [mp3] [iTunes]

What is a PodClast? Basically is is several folks from the geoblogosphere who are getting together to talk about recent geology stories in the news. In the first episode, which took place on April 13, Chris Town (from the blog "goodSchist") and Ron Schott (from the blog "Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion") got together to talk about "recent volcanic activity on Kilauea, Hawaii.... the pros and cons of peer-reviewed papers and ... career opportunities for people entering the professional geology world."

The next episode is scheduled for April 26th.

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