Monday, February 4, 2008

United makes yet another mistake

United Airlines has decided to start charging $25 for more than one checked bag (unless you fly 25,000 a year). These airlines forget that they are not the only ones. I really truly dislike flying United. Every flight I have had with them over the past two years has had at least one leg that is always a disaster. It has been nothing but trouble. With gas prices like they are I guess they feel like they can pressure us into these decisions. They have lost me as a customer. I'll take another airline or drive (or just not go). Thanks for encouraging me to find other alternatives United Airlines!


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Amanda said...

I had a terrible experience with United this past spring...J and I were on a flight and they played commercials on the plane's tvs for the first half hour of the flight. You couldn't get away from them...they had you pinned in your seat subjected to commercials. Ugh. And then I took down my drink tray and there was an advertisement on that as well.