Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time to vote!

The Casper Star-Tribune has an online poll today to vote for either a full time, part time or closed Geological Museum. My friend Thomas brought this to my attention today and we all need to show the administration at the University of Wyoming what we think of their recent decisions. So head on over to the Casper Star-Tribune website and scroll half-way down the page and vote!

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Tor Bertin said...

I'm impressed that even in the hub for diehard fiscal conservatisim, the majority are in favor of a full time opening (and then, combined with those in favor of a part time opening, the people against its re-opening are an astounding minority).

That says really good things I think. Let's just hope the UW board sees that.

Lockwood said...

"Turn it into a skate park and make some cash!!!???" This is the kind of thinking that sees no irony in a sign labeled "Get a brain, Morans!"

Doug said...

to bad you don't command the same power as PZ Myers. Oh, he could order hordes of people over to that poll in no time.

Jim L. said...

Oh wait, so we weren't supposed to vote for the skate park option? Or were we? I'm so confused.

The Science Pundit said...


PZ just did order his horde over to the poll. :-) I only wish he had linked to Dinochick's rant in his post. Most of the horde are doing the right thing, but a few are actually voting for the security guard because they don't realize what they are voting for. :-(