Friday, July 17, 2009

Fieldwork Friday #11

Continuing my post from last week on work we were doing down in the Moab area (where we got chased off by alot of rain the entire week), I thought I would post about the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail (also managed by the BLM). This is a trail similar to what we have in Rabbit Valley here in Colorado - The Trail Through Time – an in situ displays with interpretative panels. Pictures are below:

It is a nice trail, short and ways to walk. Unfortunately bone has been stolen from the trail over the years and ATV/dirtbike/mountain bike/motorcycle riders cut down the fence and/or ride around the gate in an area where they are not allowed and generally tear the area up.

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Russ Jacobson said...

Sorry to hear people are taking stuff, it was a great place to bring our field programs to visit. It is sad that people care more about taking bone souvenirs rather than respecting such a place. It ruins for all concerned!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Hi Russ - I agree! It is not as bad as some places I have seen/heard about and I hear this place has always had problem. I am sure the BLM does the best they can. They do not have the man power or funding to monitor it 24/7, and the public should also be proud of their resources and want to protect them, not steal them.