Thursday, July 16, 2009

1/12th Scale Apatosaurus Model

An awesome wedding gift we got from some friends is a 1/12th scale Apatosaurus skeleton model. John has been working on putting this together for a few months now and we are happy to now have it displayed in our house. This thing is so cool - the finished skeleton is 6’ 11” long, 16” high! It was sculpted by Phil Platt and I have heard stories about the original making appearances at SVP over the years (pictures from 2001 below).

Below are some pictures from our building process and the final results.

© ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster


mom said...

Only you and John would hav an apatosaurus model on top of your kitchen cabinets!

Bruce Mohn said...

Do you know what it costs and where to go to buy one? That is awesome!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Gaston Design sells them. It is pretty cool!!