Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Very Sad Day

Today is a very sad day!! At the end of the business day the University of Wyoming Geological Museum will be closing its doors to the public and the two employees of the museum will loose their jobs. This amazing image pretty much sums up the last nearly 30 years of paleontology at the museum - a history which the University no longer finds important. A very very sad day for everyone.
(please click on image for a larger, better view)

A great article where we finally have a chance to hear how museum director Brent Breithaupt is taking all of this can be read here (a very emotional read). There is also a poor set of excuses and bad attempt to save face from the powers that be at UW here, and a word from the Governor of Wyoming supporting the cuts here. You might not like my description of these articles, but I am mad that this is happening and aggravated at the short-sightedness that the university administration obviously has. How can this museum not fulfill the universities core mission of teaching, research and outreach. It does ALL of these!

Please visit the "Keep Laramie Dinos" page for more information on what you can do to save this wonderful museum. An account has been set up to try and build an endowment to reopen the museum, hopefully in the very near future, as the S.H. Knight Geological Museum. Stay tuned for further developments as they occur.

© ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster, art © Anton Wroblewski


Unknown said...

Thats really a very sad day.

Mike Taylor said...

I know that whining about it doesn't really help, but ... this is nothing short of treasonous on the part of the University. It is a total betrayal of everything that any university is supposed to stand for. It's also an astonishingly stupid PR move -- it's hard to imagine any other manoeuvre they could pulled that would have (rightly) eroded the public's confidence in the museum administration and students' desire to study there.

Asociación Paleontológica Argentina said...

We are very sorry to hear this!

Steve Wallace said...

Hey, ReBecca, I'm sure the football team is making sacrifices, too. Maybe the steaks at the training table are only 16 oz now instead of 18 oz. And the assistant coaches' BMWs are last year's model now. It's refreshing to know that UW has the same priorities as my two alma maters.

Tor Bertin said...

I can't fathom how the board could have done that as offhandedly as they did.

I don't care they say, when they decide to completely cut something so incredibly valuable with such a comparatively low cost, and keep the millions of dollars each year being spent on the football program... we know where their priorities are.

Let me know when we get a Paypal running; though I'm a pretty much constantly broke college student (goes with the territory!), I'd be very happy to donate for the cause.

Doug said...

And Judgement Day has come. Really, i found the cartoon the most tear-jerking of all. It really captures it all, especially where he is explaining things to people. I'll check out the website and see what i can do.