Friday, June 12, 2009

Museum officially closing

This story was just brought to my attention, from the Wyoming Tribune:

Dinosaur museum in Laramie closing

A particuarly interesting and infuriating comment from the Provost:
"Although there is an online petition effort to keep it open, Provost Allen said the museum closure is a done deal.

But when asked if the museum might come back in flush economic times, he said, "I wouldn't rule it out."

There are to many emotions going though my mind to comment politly on that statement.

There are many interesting and one silly comments on the story. One that caught my eye:

"So, UW President Buchanan got a $50,000 RAISE just a year ago, millions are being poured into new skyboxes at the stadium, and the university can't find $80,000 to fund the museum?

Shame on the Board of Trustees for cutting academic resources for the benefit of unnecessary athletic amenities and bloated administrative contracts. "

I really hate university politics. Things like this make me sick. We need $80,000 a year to keep the museum running. If the president would have simply refused his raise and decide to not dump so much money into the stadium, they could easily do this. But no. We are more worried about the athletics and lifestyle of the president than keeping a wonderful educational facility open. Because going to a university has nothing to do with education these days obviously. At least the president and provost show us where their priorities lie.

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Tor Bertin said...

Sorry to hear this...

I had a conversation with one of my professors about the atmosphere that many colleges these days are adopting--how many of them are turning into a business first and foremost, calling students 'clients' and the like. Cash first, learning and academics second.

Do we have any idea what's happening to the collections? Have any of the other WY museums offered to take over?

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

From what I understand the collections are part of the Geology department, so they would most likely stay there. I am not sure of the details. Hopefully we will know more by the end of the weekend. When I know more I will post it here. Keep your ears open....

Doug said...

Bloody awful. Yeah, i too am pissed/dismayed by the use of college funding. So what? the museum can't stay open because the cheapseats need touching up? Ridiculous.