Thursday, December 4, 2008

The 5-56 Meme

Brian over at Laelaps tagged me for this book meme. The rules are that you have to pick 10 books (of whatever genre, chosen any way you see fit) and transcribe the 5th sentence on page 56 of each book. Here are my books - can you guess where the passages came from?

  1. "He came alongside my boat and told me the flats was still closed."
  2. "The problem that concerns us here is one that has received little consideration: What happens to those incredibly numerous and vitally necessary inhabitants of the soil when poisonous chemicals are carried down into their world, either introduced directly as soil "sterilants" or borne on the rain that has picked up a lethal contamination as it filters through the leaf canopy or forest and orchard and cropland?"
  3. "Such elevations are common on large neoceratopsian squamosals, Centrosaurus and Chasmosaurus usually displaying two or more."
  4. "So the world of the Late Triassic had some of the same groups as we see in the Morrioson Formation but overall was rather diffrent."
  5. "Their huge heads, bristling with sharp spikes and luxuriant bony frills, their solid, four-legged bodies, all suggest rhinoceros-like body plans run amok in the Cretaceous."
  6. "The ossified braincase (better preserved in related forms from the later Devonian) was a relatively long and slender structure, conrasting in shape with that of arthrodires."
  7. "He didn't phone, but two days later she was out walking with a friend when they bumped into Ed, who was on a training run."
  8. "The buckeye, light as it was, felt like it weighed a hundred pounds."
  9. "In Walcott's time, the slate of Precambian life was absolutely blank."
  10. "The rock of the fossil is shaped, down to the tiniest detail, like the original bone."
I tag Silver Fox (when she gets back from her trip), Traumador, Laura, Zach and I owe one to Amanda ;)


Silver Fox said...

ReBecca, sorry I haven't gotten to this one yet! I'm not even sure when I'll have time - after Xmas?!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

LOL, no worries