Monday, December 1, 2008

Paleontology is "Hotter" than Dr. Isis's Naughty Monkeys Because...

Thanks to Silver Fox for the heads up on this months Scientiae Carnival, which is being hosted by Isis the Scientist. The point of this Carnival is to tell "all the reasons your science is hot, or advice on how to improve the fabulousness of our own science." I do not feel like I am one to say how paleo could be improved really (not in public at least lol), so I will stick to the reasons I love it. I am behind of blog postings due to trip delays/lack of internet, so sorry for the double posting.

  1. I get to wear shorts and tank tops as my regular attire for at least 6 months of the year (if not more, depending on location).
  2. I can wear a shirt with dinosaurs and other fossils on it and not be ashamed.
  3. Travel. If you want to you can go to some pretty awesome places!
  4. I get to play with rocks all day.
  5. Sun. I often get to soak up as much sun as I like for a majority of the year.
  6. Sandals. I can also get away with wearing sandals alot, although I love my recently deceased boots, who will be hard to replace!
  7. I have more pictures of rocks and fossils than I do of my family lol.
  8. I get to hang out with cool live animals along with the fossilized ones.
  9. I look for rocks in the background of movies and get lost thinking about the stratigraphy instead of the movie.
  10. I learn something new (if not multiple things) every day!
  11. I get to know Geology & Biology!
  12. I can get paid to look at dinosaurs/fossils/rocks!
  13. I can get paid to hike!
  14. I got away without having to take Organic Chemistry in college!
  15. I can cause traffic accidents by driving erratically around outcrops and can stop traffic simply by wearing an orange vest and staring at rocks.
  16. One word: Lagerstatten.
  17. I can deal with dead animals that don't stink.
  18. I get to work with great people.
  19. Did I mention Sun.
  20. Research. It's fun!
I can't think of anything else right now...What are some of your reasons for thinking paleontology is "Hot" (or whatever your field might be)? Be sure to swing by the Scientiae Carnival tomorrow and see what others have to say about their field.


Silver Fox said...

Pretty neat reasons! I don't wear shorts and tank tops too often, but have in the Mojave where it's soooo hot. (ha!) I like how you got those animal photos in there (from the animal meme?). And I forgot about being paid to hike! The best part! (Oh, the sun, too - also best!) I may have more photos of rocks than family, although that would be hard to determine - I do have lots of cute photos of nephews and nieces.

Movies - I try to determine if I can tell where they've been shot; if I've been there, although I'm really not that good at it.

Fun post!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Thanks, I really liked yours too and turned to it for inspiration :)

Dicing with Dragons said...

Lagerstatten! New word acquired!

I love your jobs!