Friday, June 27, 2008

Going-to-the-Sun Road 75th Anniversary

Happy 75th Birthday Going-to-the-Sun Road!!

From the Glacier National Park website:

"On July 15, 1933, a marvel of engineering was officially dedicated during a public ceremony atop Logan Pass in Montana’s Glacier National Park. On that date, the ‘Transmountain Road’ was officially renamed the Going-to-the-Sun Highway after the mountain that bears the name. It is no wonder that upon the road’s dedication, Glacier National Park’s Superintendent Eivind Scoyen described the Going-to-the-Sun Road as, “The most beautiful piece of mountain road in the world.

The construction of the Going-to-the-Sun Road (Sun Road) ushered in an era of partnership between federal agencies. In 1926, the Bureau of Public Roads, now Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed a formal agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) that began a working partnership at Glacier that continues today in national parks and other public lands throughout the U.S.

The Sun Road continues to serve as a national model for context-sensitive road design and construction that is both conscious of, and complimentary to, scenic landscapes as well as cultural and natural resources. In the 75 years since its completion, this scenic mountain road out of rock has taken countless visitors to the heights of the Continental Divide.

Now, the Sun Road is being ‘reborn:’ a comprehensive rehabilitation of this 50-mile National Historic Landmark and Civil Engineering Landmark is bringing much-needed work to preserve and protect one of Montana’s favorite suns.

In 2008, the NPS, FHWA and many partners and neighbors celebrate the vision of this engineering marvel along with the remarkable workmanship, spirit of partnership and overall dedication to the preservation of this treasured “Landmark in the Sky.”

(video from the Glacier National Park website)

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