Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Allergies: part 2

An update on the allergies front. We took everything out of the bedroom and had the carpet cleaned. This actually helped. Some. I am still coughing and all plugged up but not near as bad as it was. So I have turned to Zyrtec as Tuff Cookie recommended. It is also working and helps me to fall asleep at night, which is great.

There is just something here that I seem to be allergic to. Trees, grass and weeds are all in bloom here, all of which I am generally allergic to. The Pollencast tree pollen count is moderate right now, the grass pollen count is very high and the weeds are moderate. Always fun. Hopefully it will get better soon! Thanks for the thought and comments!


Jessica Ball said...

Hey, glad I could help - and that you're feeling better!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

You really did, thanks so much. I should have said so in the blog post - thank you!