Sunday, September 28, 2008


John and I are going trilobite hunting this week at Spence Gulch (Langston Formation, Spence Shale Member, Middle Cambrian), Idaho! Walcott even collected these agnostid trilobites from this location and named the Spence Shale. Its is always fun to be where he has been. It should be fun to spend a few days outside and get to camp one more time at least before the weather gets cooler. Spence Gulch is located in southeastern Idaho near the town of Liberty and we originally found out about the site from the Geo-Tools website. We contacted the owners of the website and a few others, but either no one returned our emails or did not know where the site was, so we decided to wing it. The land is on National Forest Service property, so that was one good thing to find out. Google earth showed us where we wanted to go so we tried to locate the site on our way back from our honeymoon last month. Unfortunatly we could not find it using the Google maps instructions we had (which reminded us of this). We stopped off at Fossil Butte and spoke with a friend we knew would be in the know, and he was able to draw us a map. So off we go! Hopefully we will come home with a nice Achlysopsis (pictured, link) or Zacanthoides idahoensis!

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Find the best trilobites - and love the Google map comic!