Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Dinosaur Frauds, Hoaxes & “Frankensteins”

Check out the newest issue of the Journal of Paleontological Techniques! It features an article entitled "Dinosaur Frauds, Hoaxes and “Frankensteins”: How to distinguish fake and genuine vertebrate fossils" by Octávio Mateus, Marvin Overbeeke, and Francisco Rita. This article is freely available for download on the JPT website [link].

Abstract: "Dinosaurs and other fossils have been artificially enhanced, or totally forged, to increase their commercial value. The most problematic forgeries to detect are based on original fossils that are artificially assembled. Several techniques are suggested for detecting hoaxes: detailed visual examination, chemical analysis, X-ray or CT-scan, and ultraviolet light.

It is recommended that museums and paleontological researchers do not purchase and/or trade fossils lacking clear provenience information. Exceptions to that general rule should be closely examined using techniques described herein."

The journal is also actively looking for submissions! [link]

Thanks to Jerry for the heads up!

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Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I saw some fossils of mosasaur jaws at fossil shops in Virginia City, NV. I was later informed that they are in fact fakes, created by taking real teeth and then meshing them with rib material and then cast to look like real fossils.