Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dark Matter

On a recent movie rental I saw a trailer for a movie I had never hear of (this does not happen all that often to me). The movie was called Dark Matter and has Meryl Streep and Aidan Quinn staring in it. One would expect a movie with bigger named "movie stars" would have gotten some press - so how did I miss this one? I am still not sure, but I wonder if it perhaps has to do with the subject mater - Science. The big, scary, "S" word that so much of middle america does not relate to (or so I hear). The plot for the movie revolves around a Chinese Ph.D. candidate working in the US for a well known professor in a cosmology program. This student navigates his way around a new culture and the in's and out's of working with this professor while trying validating his own theories, which may contradict or alter that of his advisors. A far flung concept? Not at all! Something I know more than one of you out there can relate to.

The Netflix synopsis is:

"Liu Xing (Ye Liu) is an ambitious cosmology student who comes to America under the wing of university patron Joanna Silver (Meryl Streep) and begins working with cosmologist Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn) -- yet he is oblivious to the politics of academia. Liu becomes obsessed with his own theories of the universe, a fixation that threatens Reiser's professional future. Director Shi-Zheng Chen's debut won a prize at the Sundance Film Festival."

While the last 20 minutes or so were a bit slow and clunky, the movie over all was interesting and reminded me of some of the stress of being a grad student. The ending of the movie was quite a surprised to me, I can honestly say I did not see it coming.

Has anyone else seen this movie?

Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!!

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Silver Fox said...

I thought it looked good on previews I've seen - which must have been on Netflix movies. I'm even more interested now, after your review! Thanks.

And Happy Halloween! That must be tonight - I'm never sure when they will celebrate it in Nevada, because it's the same day as Nevada Day,the 31st.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

No problem. Let me know what you think if you rent it.
Happy Halloween/Nevada Day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Happy Halloween! And, thanks for mentioning this film! I've been waiting a long time for Accurate Science to make it's way into the Film Industry and STILL be Good (Not like Jurassic Park III or other garbage that's out these days!)!! :)

Doug said...

Speaking of Halloween, check out my attempt at creating a prehistoric pumpkin: