Thursday, July 10, 2008

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I encourage you to go read Mike Taylor's response and statements surrounding Aetogate on SV-POW!

Janet D. Stemwedel over at Adventures in Ethics and Science has a great post on "Aetogate aftermath: paleontologists discuss the norms of their discipline."

Also, SVP posted an addendum to the Executive Committee's Final Statement Concerning Allegations From Martz, Parker, Wedel and Taylor and can be read in full here.

They note that the they made the decision to review Parker and Martz's case before the issue was even made more public in the Nature article and through internet conversation. I particularly like this idea that they mention:

"If students or others continue to have concerns over our statements and their intent, we recommend that that they organize a faculty-student discussion seminar that focuses on our posted statements and the National Academy document (On Being a Scientist). "

I think it would be a great idea to have a face-to-face faculty-student discussion seminar. This could really be a good thing if it were handled correctly. I wonder if there is time to still work in into the upcoming Cleveland SVP annual meeting, while it is still a hot topic and fresh in everyone's heads.



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Anonymous said...

adding such seminar sounds like a great idea as obviously it is an hot topic that deserves to be discussed seriousely