Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jurassic Fight Club

Jurassic Fight Club starts this week (Tuesday) on the History Channel. This weeks episode will be about Majungatholus: "CANNIBAL DINOSAUR (Tuesday, July 29 at 9pm ET/PT) –Majungatholus versus Majungatholus. Scientists uncover the first authentic case of dinosaur cannibalism. Paleontologists look deep into the brain cavity to give science new insight into their behavior, then by studying the behaviors of modern animals, experts recreate a scenario of what occurred when a male Majungatholus went in search of a mate, but found a non-receptive female who was more interested in protecting her young, than mating."

The graphics look pretty good, and I hope many of you have the chance to watch the program. I will post my thoughts on the episode ~Tuesday night, and I would really enjoy hearing what some of you think about it as well. Till then, here's a taste:


Andy said...

And the producers clearly don't know a thing about what the environment of Majungasaurus actually looked like!!!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

I guess they only consulted with Whitmer's group then eh? To bad they did not talk to you all about it! Maybe there were to caught up in the sexiness of the CT scanner to think about the paleoenvironment ;)

Louis B. said...

So dinosaurs were "history's first fighters". Then what were the animals that came before, lovers?

Anonymous said...

That environment look more North American-like than Madagascar-like. DinoChick, you may need to update your blogroll again because I've relocated my blog to because the previous hosts were given me a hard time in suspensions due to using too much CPU and prolonged downtimes.

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