Friday, January 9, 2009

The Year in Dinosaurs, 2008

Jerry Harris (with the help of PaleoBlogger Thom Holmes) has complied a list of all the Dinosaur papers published in 2008. “This is, of course, by no means a complete list,” explains Jerry. “It is just a list of what I've managed to get and catalog (generally not including abstract-only entries). I probably missed some things (particularly papers in books...sometimes I'm forced to leave cataloging those 'til later due to time constraints). Nevertheless, the list includes 718 items cataloged with 2008 or 2009 dates on them. Some of the references in the attached list aren't strictly dinosaurs (concerning, say, temnospondyl amphibians, crocodylomorphs, mammals, anatomy, physiology, sedimentology, etc.); mostly I try and collect things that are relevant to Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems, focusing on dinosaurs and their associated biotas and environments. ...”

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