Saturday, January 17, 2009

May your matrix be soft...

Several years ago my friend Dave Lovelace commissioned Russel Hawley (of the Tate Museum in Casper, Wyoming) to draft up their field creed for t-shirts, and the above image was the result. Dave suggested I use the image in my cafepress store, and I thought it was pretty funny so I have added it to several items there.

On a similar note, the Second Annual Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium will be held this year at the Tate Museum on Friday, June 5th (2009). The first conference, held at Petrified Forest, Arizona in 2008, was a great success! "The symposium is devoted 100% to preparation, field techniques and collections care and management. A great opportunity to learn, teach, and enjoy our profession!" The combination of field trips, workshops and presented papers was a nice format and one familiar to many of us. They are also now looking for presenters, so if you have a neat idea of something preparation or collections related think about sending in an abstract for a talk!

For additional info, contact JP Cavigelli, the Tate Geological Museum, the facebook page for the meeting, or post your questions to the SVP PREPLIST.


Silver Fox said...

Cool shirt!

My verification word is geock - which means geo chick.

Raptor Lewis said...

Cool T-shirt!!

If you don't think I get it, you're wrong.

I'll prove it: the "matrix" is the surrounding dirt and rocks around the fossil. Thus you are wishing every fossil hunter an easier time digging up the fossil.

BTW, does that go to the fossil preparators at the institutions?

ReBecca Foster said...


All the shirts are sold at cost. No money is made off of them.