Monday, January 12, 2009

Prehistoric Shadows

A friend of mine, Meredith Wolff, and her sister Robin, have created a fun business of creating hand-made shadow puppets (Orange Moon Toys). They have many different lines, including four varieties of Prehistoric shadow puppets. Meredith is a very talented artist, who has done a fair bit of scientific illustrations also. These puppets are a great idea for kids and adults. They have a great collection, including other cool things such as the undead, creepy critters and arctic circle life (no, not the type you find in the fast food restaurant - although I guess the creepy critters might be in the kitchen...), sea life (including everything from whales to 20,000 leagues under the sea), people and history (including Obama & McCain), stories and legends (including their very cool new Thai series!), and seasonal varieties. If playing with shadow puppets is not your thing, think of all the other cool things you could do with these, like putting them on the inside of a lamp shade or light fixture to snaz up your plain fixture and create a neat art piece.

Check out their blog and then swing by their store to pick out your own set of puppets!

Mer was also on Martha Stewart Show today showing how you can make your own shadow puppets:

Congrats to Meredith & Robin

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