Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Fossil Paradise

I admit, I am a bit of a Charles D. Walcott junkie. I have read the two long books written by the great Ellis Yochelson (here and here) about Walcotts life, and I highly reccomend them. I was super excited to find out he had worked in Glacier. To celebrate the 100th anniversery of his discovery of the Burgess Shale John and I were happy to be able to attend the International Conference on the Cambrian Explosion in Banff, Alberta. The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is hosting and exhibit in conjunction with the meething entitled "A Fossil Paradise: The Discovery of the Burgess Shale by Charles D. Walcott" Last night we went to a talk at the museum by Sarah Staurderman entitled "The Panorama Photographs of Charles D. Walcott." It was really interesting to hear about the photos Walcott took and about thier conservation at the Smithsonian. You can find more information on this great collection here.

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Three Ninjas said...

I have mentioned CDW in a song.

MDR said...

Very cool. Wish I could see the photo exhibit. I may have to hunt down that 1911 National Geographic magazine.

traumador said...

Slight off topic of this post (but only a little), I humbly request you 1. check out ART Evolved's Anomalocaris artshow (perfectly timed for the 100th anni of the Burgess, which we didn't actively plan!!!) and then 2. if you see fit spread the word to your (many more then us :P) readers

You'd be our hero, and it is a nice dose of Burgess Shale!