Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My contribution to the Darwinius hoopla

ida, darwinius masillae
see more Political Pictures

Thanks to Eric for the heads up.


Mike Keesey said...


Nicely played.

MDR said...

It took me a minute but I get it now.

Lockwood said...

I posted this picture in my "Sunday Funnies" post a couple of days ago. Lookie here at the uncanny resemblance in posture, from a comic I saw a couple of weeks ago.

Did you see the NYT article discussing the hype project, prior to the blitz? I really need to go back and find it, because it does an excellent job of bringing out the problems of such a plan.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...


Lockwood, I tired to read that post you made the other day and was fighting a loosing battle with my internet connection. Thanks for sending the link! Those are very similar!

Lockwood said...

ReBecca- yeah, a lot of my posts are very picture-dense. Even with a good connection, they can be slow to load for me, and I have wondered how much a nightmare they must be for those with weak or slow connections. Hope you have a chance later with better circumstances- I was pretty pleased with my funny finds last week.

Doug said...

Ah yes, i have heard much about this fossil. mostly about the hype around it. I didn't watch the History channel show for fear of it being like "Predator X". Plus, i have read Bryan Switek's reservations about the fossil itself.