Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ann Elder

Ann Elder, paleontologist, geologist, and the Chief of Resource Management for Colorado National Monument, passed away suddely this week due to complications from surgey. 

Ann had long worked for the National Park Service and began her career at Fossil Butte National Monument and later moved to Dinosaur National Monument where she worked until this past year when the jobs there were slashed. We were very lucky to have her at Colorado National Monument, here in Grand Junction. John and I had just seen her last week and were planning a exhibit at the museum of fossils from the monument. This was my first chance to meet Ann in person, although I had long knew her name and wonderful reputation. She was nice enought to let me use her office when a call I was trying to place would not work. She took the time to show me the best place to use my cell phone so the call would go out and I could wrap my buissness up so we could discuss the fossils. It is hard to believe that someone I just saw last week has died. And so unexpectedly! Life can be shoreter than we expect and maybe we should all take this moment to appreciate those around us a bit more. You never know when they could leave you suddely. 

Paleontology truly lost one of its greats this week.

You can read more about Ann and her wonderful controbutions to paleontology here. If you knew her you may take a moment to leave your memories of her. If you did not know her I encourage you to read the stories left by others. 

Image borrowed from the Ann Elder Memorial

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Ewan said...

Ann was good enough to show me around on the quarry wall at Dinosaur back in the summer of 2002. She was truly helpful and kind. I am saddened to hear of her passing.