Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rattlesnake Monocline

Rattlesnake Monocline is located in Horsethief Canyon along the Colorado River in western Colorado, near Loma. This monocline is easily accessible via two methods: road and river! I have been by it many times via raft (and hopefully many more this summer by our new canoe!). It was only a few weeks ago that we finally figured out how to see it from dry land, and with quite a great view! The picture below is from the land view (see directions below to the site), looking to the southwest. As you can see, an nice fault cuts the area, with the up-thrown block to the west. This pushed up the Wingate Sandstone, Kayenta Formation, and Entrada Sandstone in this area. Unfortunatly I have not been able to find much published on the geology of this area.

I just thought this was a really near (local for me) feature that should be shared!

Here is a map to see the monocline via road. Take I-70 to exit 2 (the last exit in western Colorado!) and take the dirt road that does back towards the east, paralleling the interstate. When you come to a branch, take the western one and it will take you to the river over look. There is an awesome picnic bench here (very random place for a picnic bench!). Area in the circle is view in picture above.

The second method is via the beautiful Colorado River! If you put in at the Loma Boat launch area, the Monocline is only ~9 miles down river, just past the Crow Bottom. Mile 141.5 has the best river view. Area in the circle is view in picture above. Here is a nice link about the float.

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Silver Fox said...

Nice post! Thanks. It looks like an interesting place to look at when I'm passing through sometime.

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Thanks! It is a cool overview!

220mya said...

Booo! Just misses the Chinle :(

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Very interesting overview.Thanks for sharing.