Monday, October 6, 2008

NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs on tomorrow!

Don't forget to watch/set your DVR/Tivo to record the 2008 fall season premier of NOVA! This episode will tell the tale of fossil hunting in Alaska. Tony Fiorillo (Dallas Museum of Natural History) has been working along the Colville River with a team from the University of Alaska for several years on a dinosaur bonebed that contains the remains of animals such as Pachyrhinosaurus and Edmontosaurus.

From the NOVA website [link]: The program follows a unique field expedition, covered exclusively by NOVA, as it sets out for Alaska's North Slope to defrost a jackpot of new fossil clues. Seventy-million-year-old fossil bones uncovered at the site include those of giant plant-eaters like Edmontosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus as well as big-toothed meat-eaters such as the T. rex-like Gorgosaurus. On the expedition, the team of researchers combines extreme engineering and perilous fossil hunting—including blasting a deep tunnel into the permafrost to collect fossils trapped beneath the icy soil—to reveal provocative new clues both as to how the polar dinosaurs lived and to their final extinction. With the aid of stunning CGI animations of these Cretaceous beasts, and with Alaska's spectacular wilderness as a backdrop, NOVA breathes life into the polar dinosaurs' lives and environment in vivid detail.

Be sure to check you local listings to see what time it is on. I know it is on here tomorrow (October 7) on PBS at 7pm.


Anonymous said...

That sounds cool. Thanks for the heads up!

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

No worries. I hope you got to see it!