Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She is almost there!

She is almost there folks! Amanda is at #4 and we really need to do the big push and get her to the #1 spot by Sunday (when the contest ends). As you may remember from previous post, Amanda is participating in a scholarship contest hosted by Brickfish called "My Favorite Toy." The winner gets a $500 scholarship. Amanda is planning on going to school full-time next year and needs all the help she can get, especially during this bad (no, horrible!) economic times. The contest has going for 2 months and her entry has stayed in the top 5! Right now, she is in 4th place! The contest ends on February 15th (this Sunday) so lets get her up to #1!! Thanks again for your help. Please feel free to send this on to any friends who can help or post it on your blog. Thanks again for your help!!


Raptor Lewis said...

ALlrighty then! She's gotta win! So let's get her number 1 then, shall we?

ReBecca Foster said...

Heck ya! And don't forget, you can vote every 4 (5?) hours.