Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Fishface!

Ray Troll has written a song for Darwin Day called "Hey Fishface!" Click here to take a listen to it. Troll also encourages you, as I do, to take a look at "The Evolutionist's Prayer" written by Matt Celeskey (of the Hairy Museum of Natural History) and Ray Troll. If you never have been by Dr. Troll's website, check it out. All sorts of awesome things can be found there!

Hey Fishface... written by Ray Troll, 2008

"Just another vertebrate" phrase was how Marion Bonner, renowned Kansas fossil hunter, referred to himself.

Hey Fishface
I know who you are
Hey Fishface
You ain’t no superstar
Hey Fishface
Did you forget who you are?

You’re a lobefin just like me

Just another vertebrate
getting in the way
Just another vertebrate
with nothin’ to say
Just another vertebrate
getting’ through the day

You’re a lobefin just like me

Big brained monkey
you do it all wrong
Keep mucking up this place
It won’t take long
Your time on this earth
will be gone gone gone…

The above art and music are © Ray Troll


Sarah Spears said...

Yay for Ray Troll!!! I always said in my higher vert. paleo. class that I'm studying fish. Mammals are just fish, adapted for land.....

ReBecca Foster said...

That is a good way to think! Ray Troll is awesome! I am adding his song to the list I am compiling for one of John's future radio shows.

Anne said...

Ray Troll is one of my favorite artists! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Tanystropheus said...

Ray Troll is incomparably awesome!! I think Kirk Johnson said it best in 'Cruising the Fossil freeway' when he described his art as 'scientific surrealism'.

vksperr said...

Ray Troll is so good I read NCSE Reports (illustrated by Ray) just for the pictures!