Friday, January 7, 2011


Upon first watching this I had a very distinct moment that could only be described as "WTF?!" I do not know Finnish. I am not even sure I knew it was Finnish at the time. Come to find out this band, called Hevisaurus, is a Finnish metal band that writes children's songs. Our friend Pete sent this to us, no idea how he found it. So I, like a good lemming, post it on my facebook page, which starts a most interesting conversation with a tall, pale friend of Norwegian decent. He points out to me that this is a song written about the last mammoth. They are singing him into his final sleep.
"Brushing his long hair 
Blowing his trunk as well 
He cleans his tusks 
On top of the cold permafrost 
He lays down his great and mighty head 
And straightens his tail 
The wind blows 
All land covered in snow 
He falls asleep under the tree 
Good night, the last mammoth 
It's time to go to sleep 
Good night, the last mammoth 
You will be remembered"

Thanks to Pete and EBG!!

© ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster


Jeffrey W. Martz, PhD said...

No more acid before bedtime, little girl.

th.rive said...

Funny. And it's great how produced it is.

...but I'm not too surprised. I grew up with some Fins - and am half Scandinavian myself - and metal there is in the water. Almost all the Fins I've met have been talented guitarists/shredders, or drummers. Or maybe I just got lucky.

And anyhoo - thaaaat's really...hardly metal.


p.s. Great tie-in to the theme of your blog!