Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium & 9th Conference on Fossil Resources

Abstracts are due this Monday (January 10, 2011) for the 9th Conference on Fossil Resources and the 4th Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium! Check out the details below:

Preliminary Schedule :

9th Conference on Fossil Resources Registration form link
4th Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium  Registration Form Link

Held at the South Lincoln Training and Events Center in Kemmerer, Wyoming. 
Suggestions for session topics are welcome. Please e-mail suggested topics to Arvid Aase by October 31, 2010. 

Registration for each conference is $100. Attend both conferences for $160, a $40 savings (no coupon necessary). 

Motel rooms will be scarce during spring of 2011 due to industrial projects in the Kemmerer area! Roommates are encouraged so enough rooms are available for all who want to attend. (Evanston is the next closest town at 45 miles away) Make reservations now!! Only 24 rooms remain in the host hotel as of Sept. 7, 2010 (April in Kemmerer = very cold camping) 

Host motel is Best Western Fossil Country Inn Mention 'Fossil Conference' to receive $70 room rate. The block of 50 rooms will be held until February 26, 2010. 307-877-3388 
Other motels are:
Antler Motel
Energy Inn
Fairview Motel
Fossil Butte Motel
Frontier Suites

Contact Arvid for more information:

Fossil Butte National Monument
PO Box 592
864 Chicken Creek Road
Kemmerer, WY 83101
ph 307/877-4455

For more information on the 9th Conference on Fossil Resources visit the official site.
For more information on the 4th Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium visit fossilprep.org.

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