Monday, June 22, 2009

Video on the Geological Museum closing

A short video about the University of Wyoming Geological Museum closing. We finally get a chance to see and hear Brent Breithaupt, the director, talk about these cuts in his own words and about what might lay ahead. Here is a link to the story. And don't forget to sign the petition if you have not had a chance. We are over 2000 signatires now, which is great. I sent 1200 of these to the board on Friday and plan to send the next batch at the end of this week!

Thanks to Thomas for the link to the story!

Sorry to not have many regular post recently. It is summer, my busy season (as it is for many), and I have not had to much time to update the blog. Thank you for coming by and please keep checking back!


Tor Bertin said...

I'd posted the news to a few sites I frequent and at least a couple people there either had visited the museum or have family members who work at the college--so they're planning on writing letters to the addresses you gave about the situation.

Here's hoping something comes through!

ReBecca Foster said...