Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EarthScope Suggest-A-Site

Two of my friends are currently working for/with the EarthScope project, which is "a community of scientists conducting multidisciplinary research across the Earth sciences utilizing the freely accessible data collected and maintained by EarthScope facilities." [link].

I was recently approched by one of my friends to find out if I might know anyone "back home" who is willing to host a seismic station on thier land. This sounds pretty cool to me. I wish I could help (alas, no land). If you go to the Suggest-A-Site page and zoom in on your area you will see several circles. They are interested in instaling seismic stations in or as close to these circles as possible. If someone has land that is willing to host a site, they can place a marker on the google
 map on the Suggest-A-Site page. There will be a place to give contact information, and the EarthScope team will be able to call the land owner directly with the information provided. 
How cool is that!

If you go to this page you can see a current map with all of the stations that have been installed. 

So check the map out and see if your area has been covered yet. If not, suggest a site if you can or pass this information along to those who could help. How neat would it be to have your own siesmic station in your yard where you could go online and get real-time data for your particular station! Just one more way you can contribute to science!

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