Friday, May 13, 2011

Fruita Friday 1

For some time now I have wanted to feature the Paleo Art found in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado, the City of Fruita particularly. This area of Colorado has a high concentration of artist and you can see the geology and paleontology of our area often reflected in the many art pieces produced and on display. Over the next few weeks I will feature different pieces of art and note where they can be found, in case you would ever like to stop and visit.

Week 1: "Dinosaur Diamond" by Gary L Hauschulz

Location: on the north side of East Aspen Street (near the corner of Mulberry Street), across the street from Aspen Street Coffee and a few doors down from Turn the Page Used Book Store.

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The Dinosaur Diamond also refers to the Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway, of which Fruita/Grand Junction is the eastern corner of the Diamond.

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