Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rock star of the week: Vanessa Bateman

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As I am sure many of you have, I have watched the video of the rockslide on U.S. Highway 64 in Tennessee over and over. It is just awesome to watch. I was super excited when I found this link that has a video (different from the one below) telling more details on the slide and how a geologist saved the day!! How awesome is that! A Geologist!! Rock on! And I was even more excited to find out it was not just a geologist, but a chick geologist - Vanessa Bateman! Ms. (Dr.?) Bateman is the Manager of the Geotechnical Section for the Tennessee Department of Transportation's (TDOT) Nashville Office (link, pictured right). She noticed that the slope (reported in the news video to be granite) along the Ocoee Gorge was going to break away (and not surprising, did you see that outcrop!), and was able to warn others to vacate the area. Less than an hours earlier reporters and construction workers with heavy equipment were in the spot where the second slide would occur. It must have been so cool to see (and probably somewhat freaky and scary!). I should add that I am really glad no one was hurt!

So, way to go Vanessa!! Awesome to save lives while also playing with rocks (and showing that there are some awesome chick geologist out there doing cool things)!

And it reminds me of this (sort of, in coolness factor):


What is your favorite mass wasting event? Someone needs to start a blog of things like this.

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© ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster; picture from the Highway Geology Symposium


iPreparator said...

The mountain has came off!

Doug said...

"and showing that there are some awesome chick geologist out there doing cool things"- I thought that's what you were doing with this blog.

Tony Edger said...

A geologist who is also a government worker. Now that's my kind of hero in this period of cutting geology departments and bashing any and all government. The video footage is truly awesome.

Greg said...

Cool things for sure!

Saving lives!

Thank you, Vanessa!

ReBecca Foster said...

LOL Matt!

Thanks Doug ;) Sorry things have not been more regular recently with the post.

I agree Tony!