Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Job Posting

Here is a job posting I was asked to pass on. Always glad to see a new paleo job opening up!

POSITION: Paleontologist (Accredited)

LOCATION: Fort Yates, ND

SALARY: Negotiable

OPENING DATE: September 2009

The incumbent will be responsible for the management and development of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s paleontology resources, coordinating and leading field excavations, and teaching applicable geology and paleontology courses.

The Paleontologist will work under the direct supervision of the Select Committee on Paleontology.


1. Supervise paleontology consultants, contractors, employees and volunteers.
2. Create goals and objectives for the Paleontology Department.
3. Develop Tribe’s paleontological resources.
4. Direct and organize field excavations on the Reservation.
5. Identify and catalog the Tribe’s paleontology collections.
6. Write and submit appropriate grants for the enhancement and sustainability of the Paleontology Department.
7. Locate, evaluate, and protect paleontological resources within the boundaries of the Reservation.
8. Facilitate the appropriate scientific, educational and development uses of the Tribe’s paleontological resources.
9. Ensure that proposes land uses do not inadvertently damage or destroy important paleontological resources.
10. Establish relationships with tribal colleges, universities, schools, national and international paleontology programs to foster public awareness and appreciation of Tribal resources and write MOUs/MOAs, when needed.
11. Establish rules and regulations regarding collection of permits, research collection, loans of specimens, publications, field notes, and the annual field camp.
12. Report monthly to the Judicial Committee.
13. Develop goals and objectives for a tribal museum.
14. Research appropriate grants for the establishment of a museum.
15. Prepare and catalog fossil specimens found on the Reservation.
16. Create and maintain a secure digital database along with physical inventory of all fossils collected on the reservation.
17. Ensure all specimens collected from the Reservation are excavated properly, catalogued, stored and prepared for display and casted, if warranted.
18. Work with the Paleontology Coordinator regarding the paleontology field school, necessary permits, and the operating budget.
19. Prepare presentations regarding the Paleontology Department.
20. Prepare necessary teaching materials for geology and paleontology courses.
21. Teach geology and paleontology courses.
22. Present appropriate amendments and revisions of Title XXXVIII (Paleontology) to the Tribe’s Legal Department.
23. Possess ability to develop effective working relationships with appropriate individuals.
24. Must be able to provide both oral and written reports.

1. Masters Degree from an accredited institution in paleontology, geology, anthropology, biology, botany, or zoology with a major emphasis in paleontology. A Ph.D in Paleontology is preferred.
2. Must have two (2) years experience teaching paleontology and geology courses at a college level.
3. Must have three (3) or more years of documented experience excavating, collecting, analyzing, cataloging, and preparing fossils or specimens.
4. Must have experience in planning, equipping, staffing, organizing, and supervising crews performing paleontological surface collections, excavations, and preparations.
5. Must have documented grant writing experience.
6. Must possess documented experience and skills in fossil preparation, molding, casting, collection management, identification and cataloging of fossil specimens, record keeping, and documentation.
7. Possess knowledge of anatomy, taxonomy, sedimentology, and stratigraphy.
8. Must pass a trust position background clearance.
9. Must possess a valid driver’s license and liability insurance and be able to travel on and off the Reservation.
10. Must have computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database management, GPS, GIS and internet research.

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