Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few headlines

Paleontology making news this week:

Big Bone Scam at Newsweek

Uh-Oh: The Guy Who Found Houston's Most Famous Fossil Was A Con Man at the Houston Press

Dinosaur Wars at Smithsonian (check out the comments)

T. rex vs the feather duster at the Chicago Tribune

Thanks to Jim, Doug, Chris and Lee for the links. 
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Doug said...

Read the ones about Nate Murphy. Such a tragedy, me thinks. I mean, he seemed really honorable right up until that thing with bambiraptor. I wonder what was going through his mind when he thought of stealing it.

ReBecca Foster said...

I wonder where in the world they are getting that it is a "bambiraptor" now. I think it is sad. And he has pleaded guilty. Maybe he was not thinking when he did it, maybe that is the problem? :(

Doug said...

The media has ways of labeling things. Perhaps someone heard the name "bambiraptor" and stuck with it. Like when they fond that theropod in Poland, the media was labeleing it as the ancestors of t. rex. If only he actually did remove it by accident, then things would probably have been very different...