Monday, April 6, 2009

Dinosaur in Rolling Stone

Dinosaur National Monument is finally getting some national media attention regarding the poor condition of its premier attraction - the Quarry Visitor Center, which has been closed to the public since July of 2006. I do not always read the political articles in Rolling Stone, but in the April 2009 issue (1076) contained an article entitled "Obama's Sheriff - Under Bush, the Interior Department was as lawless as the Wild West. But can the new secretary bring the wrongdoers to justice?" I am always interested in issues surrounding the Department of the Interior and curious how things will go under the direction of Ken Salazar. I was surprised to see the article mention how many National Park Service units are being mismanaged, with five of the six parks mentioned being in the Intermountain Region. Usually this type of information is hidden on the back pages of our papers, only given a few seconds worth of mention on our tv news, or all together (and far to commonly) ignored. Hopefully getting some of the problems with our National Park units (particularly Dinosaur National Monument) more national press will raise the awareness of these issues and help them improve (drastically!)!

You can read the article by Tom Dickenson here or go directly to the part that mentions Dinosaur National Monument here on page 4

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Doug said...

I am really starting to see what John Stewart meant when he said "Bush: Entire Administrationgate." I thought the purpose of the national parks was to protect our natural heritage for future generations. But i was also a bit disturbed by Salazar's comments about removing wolves from the Endangered Species list.

ReBecca Foster said...

The wolf thing bothered me too. Which is one reason I am curious to see how Salazar will handle the rest of the mess he has on his desk.

Johanne said...

Remove wolves from the endanger's species list???

That can only be seen as a joke right?

ReBecca Foster said...

Sadly no, it is already happening.